Thursday, February 18, 2010

Len Elmore, That Is Hilarious

During the Marquette/Pitt tilt, Len Elmore was asked by Dave Pasch about how many Big East teams he thought would get into the March Tournament.

Len Elmore apparently opined that Notre Dame still had a chance. But that's ridiculous. Notre Dame doesn't have a chance to get into the Dance unless they run the table and go deep into the Big East tournament, and nothing suggests they will do that.

So I assume Len Elmore was taking a sneaky dig at the Catholic Church when he said that Notre Dame has a chance, "but is basically on life support." See what Len Elmore did there? He's criticizing the whole sanctity of life thing that leads Catholics to protest the unplugging of someone in a vegetative state. Sneaky, Len Elmore!

I don't really think he meant that, but it is a better than the alternative. Len Elmore can not really think the 11th team in the Big East, who has lost their past 3 games, to Louisville, Seton Hall, and St. John's (Not to mention a loss earlier in the year to Loyola Marymount!) has any chance of getting to the tournament. Pull the plug! They're dead already!

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