Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wiener In The Eye!

It's doubly sad for one KC Royals fan: not only is he a Royals fan, but he's hoping to get rich from taking a wiener in the eye.

Sometime in the 2009 season, the Royals mascot (a lion? why? and he's named "Slugerrr" [sic]) chucked a free hot dog into the crowd. Some Royals fan took it right in the face, and is now claiming a detached retina & cataracts in a $25,000 lawsuit.

Two thoughts:
1. It's a baseball game, boner. Pay attention! It could have been a line drive (and you can't sue for that).

2. But it was a free hot dog. At MLB parks, that's an $18 value. I'd catch a free hot dog in my mouth like a trick dolphin.

Now then, taking a wiener in the eye for money ... there's a name for that kind of industry.

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