Monday, February 08, 2010

Outstanding Superbowl

I'd offer a toast to the New Orleans Saints but I have a feeling they're already toasted. That was an outstanding Superbowl.

Sean Payton played to win. Going for it on 4th and goal was a brilliant, ballsy move. And it didn't work. But the Saints got their 3 points before halftime anyway.

The onside kick to start the second half was a brilliant, ballsy move. And it did work. When Manning finally touched the ball, around an hour had passed. Keeping that (talented) chump on the bench was the key to victory. When he finally threw that pick-six, it was the culmination of an extraordinary effort in game-planning and execution by the Saints defense.
The Colts were held to 17 points, tied for their second lowest output in meaningful games all year. The Saints did it without sacks, without getting burned on big blitzes, and without panic. In the second half, the Saints repeatedly bluffed a big blitz, then dropped eight into coverage. Manning was befuddled by the man/zone combinations and the unstoppable Colts only scored once in the second half.

And maybe, just maybe, that game-losing INT means that the sportsjack army will shut up about Manning being the best QB ever. At least until next year.

Only seven months to go!


Miwacar said...

I thought it was a little boring. It was all short passes and whatnot. The onside was cool, but the Colts had already folded like oragami for an entire quarter before that. "Did Drew Brees save New Orleans, or did New Orleans save Drew Brees?"

Jess said...

I thought the first half was kind of boring, but that might have been due to the fact that I was working and barely paying attention. Once I stopped working and started drinking at halftime, things seemed to get much more exciting.

Andrew Wice said...

Boring? What did you guys want, an entire set by the Who?