Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recent Odd, But Oddly Appropriate Keyword Searches

Every blogger who has any sort of statistics counter on their blog occasionally looks at what people Googled to end up at their blog.  And usually, there are some really weird entries that make you wonder just what the fuck you wrote that made that search term and your blog match up.

It is fun for us bloggers, looking into the back end (that's what she said.)

Strangely, we had a recent run of seemingly ridiculous search terms that led to this here blog, which is, in theory, a sports blog.  And yet, I think most of those people got something that they were looking for.

For example, "offensive Twix commerical" landed here.   "lexus commercial" got sent to my complaining about Lexus commercials.  Hell, even the person who googled "Gophers vs. Chipmunks" got some relevant material.

However, I'm pretty sure we, as a blog, were no help to the man (or woman) who was searching for "kansas city handjobs".  Apologies to that person.  We suggest they try

1 comment:

Jess said...

Those are all better than the numerous variations I constantly get looking for "aunt fucking."

And I'm not nearly as nice as you, Big Blue Monkey, to help the searcher get to where they need to go. You're a good man.