Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Lions Finally Cover the Spread

Via a reader named Josh (who also sent it to Randball, which makes Josh a bit of a blog-whore) we get this lovely item available for purchase.

Alternative headline:  Haven't the Kitties Been Pounded Enough?

Josh was quoted by Randball as saying "Who on earth would buy that? I suppose a woman could use it as a chastity belt, because any dude would know he’d be going 0-fer after seeing that surprise. It may also appeal to those giving up sex for Lent."

I could not disagree more.  This is a signal that the woman in question is interested in some casual Sunday scoring.  And lots of it.  I'd recommend it for any Detroit lady fan who considers herself a "bottom".   (Extra kink bonus:  have your significant other dress up as Matt Millen).

Some of these images should be jarring.


The Black Freighter said...

Casual Sunday scoring... haha.

Word on the street is that former Lions Assistant Coach, Joe Cullen is now suing the Lions for wrongful termination. He indeed was not naked when he used a Wendy's drive-thru... these panties were just so porous, you could see right through them.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Another jarring image. Thanks, BF.

Muumuuman said...

I think the Detroit Lions onsey/bib combo also available says to world "my baby is a loser".
There is also a Detroit Lions garter belt to go with the panties. The woman that catches that at the wedding probably won't be the next to get married, but will get scored on that night by the entire wedding party.

Jess said...

(Extra kink bonus: have your significant other dress up as Matt Millen)

You are one sick fuck, Big Blue Monkey. Time for a Can't. Get. Clean. shower.

Muumuuman said...

Well, who's f'ed the Lions more than Matt Millen? I guess Mr. Ford. I dare you to look at this picture of William Clay Ford Sr.:


Muumuuman said...

Well that's ugly, try again: