Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'll Take That Bet, Mr. Leitch

Will, Editor Emiritus over at Deadspin, wrote the following:  "Every few years, the Big Ten stuns everybody by putting four or five teams in the Sweet 16. I bet this is that year."

I know that this does in fact happen every few years, but I have a hard time believing this is going to be that year.  I think this is Will's super-secret way of saying that Illinois is going to be better than people expect.  The Big 10 has been a bunch of stumblies-wumblies since the beginning of the year, with the obvious and important exception of Michigan State, who have been quietly getting better and better as the season winds down.

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The Black Freighter said...

I agree with you, but you have to at least like their chances because of the sheer volume of teams they'll more than likely send to the dance... Michigan State, Illinois and Purdue are definitely in. Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio State have to be near locks as well, which leaves Minnesota and Penn State on the bubble. I like Minnesota's chances when you look at their collective body of work and it's going to be awfully difficult to boot out Penn State, despite their cake non-conference schedule.