Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Green is Better Than Your Green

You may have noticed that yesterday was St. Patrick's Day.  It was once a solemn and serious religious holiday, in which penitents hiked up holy mountain, often in bare feet that has been perverted into drunken revelry (thanks mainly to beer-swilling Americans (of which I count myself as one)).

Speaking of great Irish things being destroyed by American subliterates--why is the great Aidan Gillen getting rewarded for his fine work on The Wire as Jimmy Carcetti by having to play a 3rd rate Hans Gruber to a 10th rate Bruce Willis in John Cena's Twelve Rounds?  (Also directed by long-out-of-favor hack Renny Harlin, by the by).  It isn't right.

So, anyway.  St. Patrick's Day.  Sure you can show up wearing a vaguely green tie, or shirt, or maybe you are the type of person who wears green underwear in the desperate hope that someone, anyone will ask to see your green, and that will somehow lead to sex.  Bullshit!

Wear your green with some fucking pride, you baby.  Might I suggest my most recent sample
from the excellent lads over at  As you may remember, one of the shocking perks of writing this blog is that the occasional merchant is willing to allow me to test drive their gear in return for me writing about it.  They have (and I have) been very clear--if the product sucks, that is what I will say.

So with that in mind, let me say that when I ordered what looked to be a pretty cool looking Irish Flag t-shirt, I did so with some trepidation--what is there to say, good or bad, about a T-shirt?

First, the obvious good--which is that the shirt looks as advertised, with a distressed look that I really like when it is done correctly.

So I was able to rock a pretty damn sweet look for the St. Patrick's celebrations, and prove in my own way that I was no half-assed "everyone is Irish" bullshit artist, but an honest to god right Fenian bastard.

What I was happily surprised by was the quality of the shirt.  I am known to craptacular t-shirt makers everywhere that if a cool/geeky enough symbol is put on the front, I'll buy it.  Transparent white t-shirts that show off my nipples?  Sure, if there is a reference to M.A.S.K. on it:

So again, I was pleased and surprised by the quality of the fabric used--a very soft jersey cotton, thick enough that you don't feel the rub of the graphic through the shirt.  Double-knit seams through the shoulders and neck make it sturdy as well.  And American-made, which probably explains the relatively high price, at a bit over $20.  My new shirt rocks.  

I should mention that miwacar got one to celebrate his dirty Scandahoovian heritage, the Swedish 3 crowns tee, which I believe has all the features of the Irish one, with a couple of differences.  As you can see, there is no distressed look on the graphic.

Also, miwacar's shirt seems to have mystical qualities that make him much better at FIFA 2009 than he used to be.  Your experience will vary on that.



Jess said...

Shit. This reminds me I have a book review I should have written quite some time ago.

Sure looks like a nice shirt, though.

Miwacar said...

The "triple crown" offers me mystical powers that pull from the Valhalla of lore. The shirt has in fact, made me better at Fifa 09 and it is so powerful, that even when I am not wearing it, I am able to continue my new found dominance on the electronic pitch.

I will echo the praise of BBM. The shirt is great, better than anticipated, which is always nice when ordering clothing sight unseen.

Lillian Wey said...

You've derailed my latest attempt to cultivate a more sophisticated weekend style. Damn your t-shirt teasing ways.