Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big 10, The Go-Tards of the Dance

Prior to the selection of teams in the dance, Will Leitch of Blog, TV, and Newspaper fame predicted that,  4 or 5 Big 10 teams would end up in the Sweet Sixteen.  I took that bet.

I was right to do so.  After three days of tournament, the following Big 10 teams have been eliminated:  Minnesota, Ohio State, Illinois, and Michigan.  That only leaves three teams in the dance:  Purdue is already into the Sweet Sixteen.  Michigan State needs to beat USC tomorrow (which they should, handily), and then there's Wisconsin, who needed a miracle to sneak by Florida State.  I imagine they will get their asses handed to them by Xavier.  

Regardless, 3 teams in the absolute maximum of Big 10 Teams that will reach the Sweet Sixteen.  I forgot to tell Will that when I took his bet, I was betting $10,000,000. Will, I patiently await my check in the mail.


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Muumuuman said...

Maybe Leitch had a typo - replace "10" with "East" and he's spot on.

Now I wouldn't call the Big 10 the "Go-Tards" - that should be the Pac-10 with only Arizona remaining. The atlantic coast has also dropped 5 of 7 before the sweet 16.