Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Is Bleacher Report an Incredible Waste of Time?

Yes it is.

It is like reading Jim Souhan, if Souhan had no understanding of sentence structure, or an editor.

Bleacher Report proves to every print journalist out there that they are better at their job than anyone else possibly could be.  Bleacher Report suggests, just by existing, that print-job nepotism is essentially a meritocracy, because just look what happens when you let the rabble hammer on their keyboards with their closed fists.

I hate to pick a random BR blogger at random, but I will, and I challenge you, as an editor, to work on this shit:

It can be assumed Terrell Owens was released because of his attitude, something Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings have not been accepted since taking over the organization. Nevertheless, Owens is a competitor, and going to a team that wants to win would naturally be a good fit.

Lining up opposite of Berrian and with Peterson in the backfield, one can't help but wonder if Owens is the missing peace.

I would not complain about Bleacher Report, because I genuinely like the idea of it (people too busy to maintain a blog of their own upload "articles" to a centralized blog), if the Hive Mind behind Bleacher Report didn't keep letting substandard crap float up to the top of Google Search Results, like a piece of high-fat fecal matter in a septic tank.

Show some discretion, Bleacher Report!  


Jess said...

I'd find the bit about T.O. being the "missing peace," much more delicious if it was a Freudian slip and not the product of laziness/stupidity.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

that is, of course, a stupid misspelling, but I'll tell you, it took me about a dozen readings to even figure out what the following phrase was even supposed to mean:

"something Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings have not been accepted since taking over the organization"

have not been accepted? Were the Vikings rejected by their safety school?