Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Anti-Terrell Owens Forces Have Gone Too Far

Look, I get it--T.O. is a pain in the ass; he's disruptive, etc.

But when people (and by people I am including sports columnists--we can argue about that definition) start to feel the need to defend the Buffalo Bills decision to sign him for a 1 year, $6.5 deal, we've entered into ridiculous territory.  Are you kidding me?  A guy who managed 1000 yards in a season in which the Cowboys didn't have a real #2 receiver for half the season, and let Brad Johnson start at QB for 3 games?

T.O. acted up in 2008; an impartial observer, who believes that opinionating isn't limited to Coaches and ESPN guys might (just might) say that T.O. wasn't wrong to do so--just look at how his numbers were affected.

In 2007, T.O. had 81 catches, for over 1300 yards and 15 TD's--he averaged 90 yards a game.  In 2008, he dropped to 69 catches, barely over 1050 yards and 10 TD's, and he averaged less than 66 yards a game.  That decline is all about Brad Johnson and a less than fit Tony Romo (and an absence of a true running game)

If the Bills get the Terrell of 2007, who cried when his Quarterback was attacked in the media, and ran up huge numbers, they will be getting a great deal.  Even if they get 2008 TO, who still had better receiving stats than 95% of the wide receivers out there, they will still be getting a great deal.

The idea that anyone has to defend the Buffalo Bills for getting a top-notch second receiver for Trent Edwards is fucking crazy.  Having Owens will help Trent Edwards; it will help Lee Evans; it will help Marshawn Lynch.

Look, I don't love T.O.--far from it.  But the prevalence of the infected media idea--that T.O.'s jackassery was the reason that Dallas sucked--That's ridiculous.  Brad Johnson sucked, and played 3 games, at an immobile, no arm age of 40.  Tony Romo, who has always been a rich Texan's version of a poor man's Brett Favre, sucked when he came back from his pinkie injury too soon.  Losing Felix Jones hurt the running game of Dallas.  And yet, T.O. put up Pro Bowl Numbers.

The Bills got a steal.  Write it down--T.O. will have 1200 yards and at least 10 TD's in 2009.  Albert Haynesworth was over $40 million dollars guaranteed; Owens was guaranteed $2 million.  That's a fucking steal, and don't let anyone tell you different.


Jeremy said...

I agree that T.O. is a tremendous talent and it was a steal for the Bills because they only signed him to one year deal so if there is problems he will be out next year. Owens will be on good behavior if he wants a decent contract next year. Good post.

Andrew Wice said...

Wrong, ass-heads. TO will be on his best behavior through training camp. And then the regular season will start. The biggest STAR in Buffaloaf since Bruce Smith is going to start bitching by game three.

When TO is done with the Bills they'll be in Toronto, guaranteed.

The Black Freighter said...

Big Blue... you want to play in my fantasy football league? 1200 yards and 10 TDs with Trent Edwards hucking the rock? HA!

That would be like Santana Moss catching 1200 yards and 10 TDs from Jason Campbell! Never. Will. Happen.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Trent Edwards is the Tony Romo of 2006. Young, unproven, but now handed the keys to a real offense.

Throwing the Skin's travails in my face is just bad sportsmanship.

Muumuuman said...

and hilarious.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

said the fan of Detroit.