Monday, December 08, 2008

Lexus Commercials = Boooo

I've been disliking the whole "your favorite Christmas memory pales in comparison to our generic luxury car" bullshit meme Lexus seems determined to get out there.  Maybe if I had seen the one with the pony first, I would have thought it was cute, or something?  (unlikely, though.  Spoiled little girl grows to be spoiled woman.  Awesome holiday messaging!)

But they crapped on two of my precious memories of Christmas' past--The Big Wheel and The Atari 2600.  It has angered me greatly.  But I didn't bother complaining about it.  Though the Atari changed our entire household for the better in ways too numerous to count.  One example of a secondary wave of the Atari effect?  My mother started playing Frogger.  She loved it, but found it frustrating.  She started swearing.  Suddenly, it was OK in our house to say "shit".  Do you remember how liberating that feels?  It happened in our house because of the 2600.

Owen Good over at Kotaku (the Deadspin of Video Games?  I guess that's a reasonable way of describing them) is equally upset.  Thank you for voicing your anger, Owen.  It is righteous and right.

Quoting Owen:  "But this isn't much of an homage to a treasured console and the make-your-Christmas gift. It just says that things fade, memories cost money, and your best one should have the highest price tag attached."


Jess said...

Shit. I still don't say "shit" in my parents' house.

Those commercials are the suck, though. All of the "give your spouse a luxury car with a giant bow on it for Christmas" commercials suck, but the Lexus ones are the worst.

What about the jerkwad parents who got the spoiled little girl a pony but apparently didn't get their other daughter anything nearly as awesome? I hope they at least paid for her therapy.

Muumuuman said...

"Hey daddy, why didn't Santa bring you a Lexus? Were you naughty this year?"

Lucy Rhode said...

"No son. My values disallow me from driving a luxury vehicle or eating shark fin soup."

Andrew Wice said...

Don't worry kids, US automakers will soon be spending our tax money on cramming annoying commercials down our throats for 2 hours of a 3 hour football broadcast.