Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Love: The Dagger

I read The Dagger infrequently, which is a shame, because they do great work for being a bunch of corporate Yahoo monkeys (that may be some jealously leaking into my critique, there).

But consider their work of late:

Discussing Eric Devendorf of Syracuse punching a fellow Syracuse student, of the female persuasion, complete with texts from another Syracuse player to the victim.

A great look at the Top 25, and assessing whether they are there because of results or reputation.  I haven't seen a simpler takedown of the Notre Dame Squad (that I've hated on since preseason) than this:  "The Irish have played three big games this season. They are 1-2 in those games."

My one beef?  They seem to question whether Michigan's John Beilein is a genius or not.   Of course he is!  Beating Duke is probably going to end up not being that big of a deal, as I don't think Duke is all that good, but still--Beilein got the job to resurrect Michigan because he had done such a great job raising West Virginia from the fucking ashes.  Prior to Beilein's coaching, that team was still harking back to Jerry West in discussions of success.  Beilein won there, not with superstar recruits, but with a funky 1-3-1 defense and guys like Mike Gansey and Kevin Pittsnogle.  He probably is the Mike Leach of College Hoops, but without the pirate fixation.

So, read The Dagger, is what I'm saying.  

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