Thursday, December 18, 2008

Marketing Companies Send Us Stuff!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a guy purporting to represent a "well-known brand in the sports industry".  I bet a bunch of other sportsbloggers got the same email.  Usually, that email is from some Czech gangster who is illegally streaming UEFA Cup games, and wants me to link to him (and they usually hit me up in our comment section (RED FLAG)).  

But this mysterious stranger hit me via email, and sounded pretty legit, and after I googled his company's website, looked legit.  So I responded, and said, "Sure, mysterious stranger, send me your packet of stuff."

It arrived today, and to say that they are a well known brand in the sports industry is like saying that NBC is a well known brand in the TV industry.

Or, as I put it to the mysterious marketing guy who apparently thinks I can help their brand, "It's like asking me to blog on the nature of sunshine for all the readers who don't know what sunshine is."

I welcome the free samples that I got in the mail today, or any other day.  But I'm really wondering what [MYSTERY WELL KNOWN BRAND IN THE SPORTS INDUSTRY] is thinking I can do for them that they don't get from their massive amounts of TV advertising.  

Hey readers, have you tried breathing air?  How about drinking water?  You should try it!  (Air and Water both asked me to try their product.  I whole-heartedly support their product, and not just because they sent me samples today.)


Jess said...

Oh, Big Blue Monkey. Shilling for air and water? What's next -- food and shelter?

I feel dirty.

Garwood B. Jones said...

Your principled stand not to name said company is truly a shining beacon unto us all, Big Blue.

You can tell me though, right.

Andrew Wice said...

You are now officially a whore.