Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Big East Hoops The Blog Gets One Wrong

They ask, simply enough--more impressive start--Syracuse or Georgetown?

They answer their question with Syracuse.  That answer may come in handy if the writers of BigEastHoops are ever indicted for a crime--they can point to that post as evidence that they are, at least on occasion, not mentally healthy.

As far as I know, Georgetown and Syracuse have only one opponent in common so far--Memphis.  Both beat Memphis.  In both cases, it was close.  Syracuse's only loss (admittedly, on a miracle 3-pointer) is to Cleveland State.  Don't forget though--it was close enough that Cleveland State could win it with a miracle 3 pointer.   Cleveland State, already this year, has lost to Butler, West Virginia, and Wright State.  But they did beat Syracuse.

Georgetown's one loss is to a pretty good Tennessee team.

I'm looking at Syracuse's entire record thus far this season--you tell me--who did they beat that's a tournament worthy team?  Memphis will go to the tournament, but as I already pointed out, that's a bit of a wash, as Georgetown also beat them (not to mention that C-USA is only a little less of a joke than it was last year).  UVA?  Colgate?  Canisius?  Long Beach State?  Coppin State?  

Meanwhile, Georgetown has played a much tougher pre-Big East schedule.  Beating Drexel, Wichita State (THE SHOCKERS!),  Mount St. Mary's, and Memphis.  Those are all teams that have gone or should have gone to the Tournament in the last 2 years.  

And while Syracuse was beating the piss out of the unpiratey Pirates of Seton Hall, Georgetown was putting the fucking wood to #2 UConn, in Stoors, for fuck's sake.  Case closed--Georgetown has had the much more impressive start to their season.  It is not even close, and I'll bet that the folks behind the polls will agree with me, come Monday.  

Of course, we will be able to settle this pretty easily come Jan 14, when Georgetown and Syracuse meet.  I'm guessing Georgetown will win that game by double-digits. 

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