Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wisconsin: Perversion Revolution

The perverts and the panty-sniffing pederasts of the Cheddarwurst State have been innovating like crazy the last few years.

We had the guy who argued that sex with a dead deer doesn't count as bestiality. (which does raise some interesting points.  I believe the defendent got probation mainly just for being fucking creepy.)  

There was the fella, just a month or so ago, who argued that his girlfriend, by being intimate with him, had implicity agreed that she was cool videotaping her having sex with him.  Classy.

And now, a new Wisconsinite pioneer of scumbaggery has planted his flag on "virgin" territory--Facebook!  Some troubled young lad (I wonder if he has watched Heathers a lot?) posed as a girl on Facebook, convinced younger lads from his school (New Berlin Eisenhower) to send "her" photos of themselves in states of undress, and then used those photos to extort sexual shenanigans from the lads in question.

Since some of the kids were 15 years old, and our alleged perp was 18, he is in a lot of trouble.  300 years of jail type trouble.


Andrew Wice said...

I thought that's what facebook was for.

Jess said...

Those 90,000 sex offenders kicked off MySpace had to go somewhere.

Andrew Wice said...

Yeah, it's called

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Brilliant rejoinders. A tip of the cap.

Where do the guys who fuck deer corpses go?

Jess said...