Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'll Be Damned--Joe Crede is a Twin

Joe Crede was looking for the kind of money he could have gotten easily 2 or 3 years ago.  Scott Boras is his agent.  The Twins are not known for going after pricey free agents (though they do like veterans looking to prove themselves after injury, but usually guys that no one really thinks are going to bounce back).  Everything in their histories said that the Twins and Scott Boras were not going to agree to sign Joe Crede.   And yet they did.

As recently as a few days ago, this signing seemed like a nonstarter.  What's really amazing is that the Twins signed Crede their way--they did not cave in the least to Scott Boras' demands.  Crede signed a deal that pays him 2.5 million dollars, guaranteed.  Which is basically what they paid Nick Punto last year, who is famous for sliding head first into first base for no good reason, and not much else.  The deal is laden with incentives that are not performance based, but simply appearance based.  So as long as Crede can stay healthy and stave off challenges by Brendan Harris and Brian Buscher, he can reach the $7 million Boras wanted in guaranteed salary.

Of course, Crede comes into the Twins organization, essentially, as a free agent.  If he plays extremely well, the rest of the league will remember he's only 30, and his one year, $2.5 million deal will be trumped in next year's free agency.  So will the Twins play him and trade him, or will they ride his superior bat at 3rd all year long?  Who knows?  I have a feeling that this could be part of the calculus this year.  Write it down--if Crede has 15 Homeruns by the All-Star Break, he won't finish the season as a Twin.  

Aaron Gleeman, of course, has more.


The Black Freighter said...

I think if they are within 3 games of the division lead or winning the division outright, they'll keep Crede all season. I do wonder if he could be eligible for a type A or B compensation pick though?

Jess said...

I learned of the Crede signing from the dude who rang up my wine at Trader Joe's, of all places.