Sunday, February 01, 2009

IDYFT Superbowl Pick 'Em Winner

A hell of a fine Superbowl it was. The Pittsburgh Steelers are your six-time World Champions. Both Barnyard and Lucy originally picked the Steelers to win it all and both benefit from +10 bonus points.

Here's how the Superbowl bonus points broke down, in case you're scoring along at home:

1) The Steelers Won
2) S. Holmes MVP
3) K. Warner QB rating
4) W. Parker rushing
5) S. Holmes receiving
6) A. Wilson tackles
7) Dansby/Harrison/Woodley turnovers
8) 27-23 final score

And the winner is ...

1. Barnyard: 71
(this week +20)
2. Adw: 57 (this week +16)
3. Lucy: 46 (this week +26)
4. B. Freight: 42 (this week +9, Bullseye on the 27-23 final score)
5. Jess: 40 (this week +16)
6. MMMan: 37 (this week +2)
7. Miwacar: 34 (this week +10)
8. Big BM: 27 (this week -4, ouch)

Thanks to all you suckers folks for participating and allowing me access to your social security number and bank accounts. In a way, we're all winners. But, in a much more realistic way, Barnyard is the winner.

Barnyard, please which specifies: to whom you would like the book dedicated, your address, and the secret of your incredible success.


Jess said...

How timely -- the mailman just delivered my t-shirt.

Muumuuman said...

The fix was in man! Pittsburg's drive kept alive by two of the weakest "roughing" calls I've seen all year? No review on the last play? Didn't the ball fly forward, like a forward pass? The steelers have six rings because they cheat - just ask Mike Holmgren.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

I agree with MuuMuuMan, and I'd like to know how barnyard pulled it off.

Muumuuman said...

I think he has an "in" with Brenda Warner also.

Lucy Rhode said...

Fabulous football! Congratulations Barnyard. Is this a great year or what?

(3rd generation Steel fan!)

Andrew Wice said...

Why does Jesus let bad things happen to good people?

Lucy Rhode said...

Who is this Jesus cat you guys wail on about?