Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogger Round-Up

The lads at Unprofessional Foul discuss a celebration by a Cote d'Ivorian that totally wasn't celebrating/protesting a political prisoner (because the English frown on that) but a WWE wrestler.  I, like the lads at Unprofessional Foul don't believe Solomon Kalou.  We disagree on the following points--calling Kalou a "bad striker" seems mean and not true, especially for people living in the United Staes and thinking about the possibility of Kenny Cooper being on the 18 man roster;  also, we've done our research, and "political prisoner" seems like strong language to describe Antoine Tiemoko.  Apparently all he did was write a mean piece of op-ed.  It's called freedom of the press, and even the Russian Plutocrats who own the Premiership should be behind that concept.  Protesting the jailing of such a man should not be a big deal.

The Beautiful Game has an absolutely painful video to watch, particularly for strikers.  Occasional contributer Barnyard would say that this guy could not finish a sandwich.  Or that he could not score in a monkey whorehouse with pockets full of bananas. 

The Big Picture wants to know if you would do college basketball fan Ashley Judd.  In our humble opinion, that question is stupid.

Rumors and Rants steps all up in our shit, with a story about Wacky Wisconsin--apparently the kindly, high, rainstick-owning members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court have decided that Cheerleading is a contact sport.  We would argue that it has to be a sport before it can be a contact sport.

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