Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dell Curry's Kids Get More Airtime Than They Deserve

ESPN will not stop talking about the Curry Brothers tonight.  

I understand that, to some degree--ESPN has been hyping "BracketBusters Weekend" for almost a decade now, and they will promote the players who make those Bracket Bustin' teams go.  

But here's the thing that all the analysts on the World Wide Leader agree--Stephon Curry's Davidson team is not as good as it was last year.  He's got a bum ankle, and he looked it throughout his game--his shot was off all night, and he finished with 6-23 (2-13 from 3 pont land) shooting against Butler.  

Butler is in the Top 25, and have knocked off a team that has been in the Top 25 at times this year--yet to watch ESPN, you'd think Stephon Curry did something miraculous this night.  He didn't.  He had one of his worst games in his career--again, he's injured.  But we knew that going in.  Why did ESPN spend so much talking about Stephon Curry in a game in which his team lost by 12 points?  

I don't know.  But I do know that I heard Stephon Curry's name more times per hour than I heard Butler's leading scorer's name, Gordon Hayward, who outscored Curry by 7, and shot well above Curry's 25%.  

More insulting to the basketball fan is the amount of time spent discussing Seth Curry, whose Liberty University got their doors blown off, their dog walked, their shit kicked by that Powerhouse, Old Dominion University.  Even on their website, ESPN is guilty of Seth Curry overcoverage.  On their website's  video clip, in which the guys who actually covered the game do nothing but praise ODU, the caption to the video reads:  "Freshman Seth Curry's 24 points led Liberty in 80-56 loss to Old Dominion."   Who the fuck cares who scored 24 points on a team that lost by 24 points?   ESPN does.

And extra double foul on the ESPN crew that commented (it may have been Dick Vitale during that rip-roaring Texas vs. Oklahoma tilt) that it was weird that the rest of the country missed out on recruiting Seth Curry after Stephon Curry had slipped through the fingers of the ACC.    Seth Curry was given an offer at Virginia Tech.   I'm quite sure there were any number of mid-majors he could have played at.  

He choose Liberty, at least in part, because the Curry family is crazy-ass Jerry Falwell religious.  And Liberty University was established by crazy ass Jerry Falwell.  You'd think that would get mentioned at some point in all this talk about how Seth Curry ended up there.  To attend Liberty, you need to be aware of their Liberty Distinctives, penned by crazy-ass Jerry Falwell.

My favorite is #4:  "An uncompromising doctrinal statement, based upon an inerrant Bible, a Christian worldview beginning with belief in biblical Creationism, an eschatological belief in the pre-millennial, pre-tribulational coming of Christ for all of His Church, dedication to world evangelization, an absolute repudiation of “political correctness,” a strong commitment to political conservatism, total rejection of socialism, and firm support for America’s economic system of free enterprise."

Those are hilarious for so many reasons that I have a hard time knowing where to begin.  Maybe that will be separate post.  But Seth Curry ended up at Liberty because he and his family believe that stupid bullshit, not because he wasn't recruited.  And they got THEIR DOG walked by ODU.  Time to stop talking about the Curry Brothers, ESPN.   One thing--"pre-millennial... coming of Christ"  seems either really really out of date (it's 2009, bitches) or really looking the Year 3000. 

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The Black Freighter said...

Big Blue... haven't you learned yet? Basketball is no longer a team game! Unfortunately we all thought that was just an NBA thing, but the WWL is slowing inching their way into promoting fun players on mediocre teams, instead of the fun teams that dominate with team players. It ruined the NBA for many fans and it sure looks like it could do the same for the NCAA. Sad.