Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Confused By the Box Score

According to, the Timberwolves were at down by 20 points to Indiana at one point tonight.  That part sounds completely reasonable.  The part I'm confused by is that, according to the same box score, the most unanswered points scored by Indiana was 2.

I'm safe in assuming that is a typo, yeah?

It should be noted that Randy Foye publicly expressed the secret hope of every Timberwolves fan, hoping for good picks in next year's draft, when he said this about losing Al Jefferson for the season, "We ain't going to be able to find our way without Al."

Please don't find your way!  Maybe we can pick up yet another power forward!  Or (and this is just crazy-fan guy talking) a FUCKING CENTER.

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Muumuuman said...

The Wolves also miraculously closed the gap with 0 unanswered points.