Saturday, January 03, 2009

Regular Season Football Pick'Em Champions

In our Yahoo League (The Official Pick' Em League of IDYFT, despite Wice's self-aggrandizing attempts to grab the brass ring, and fuck it) we have official winners that we should acknowledge and congratulate.

In first place, with 134 group points was Hockeyfan.  Which is nice to see.  Even mongoloids who love hockey can win at NFL pick'em, if things go the right way.  Hockeyfan has won his or her choice of a Football playing Jesus or a Farting Teddy Bear.  Hockeyfan has gone with Football Playin' Jesus.

In 2nd place was Your Wife...My Kids, which to  me has a rather disturbing tone to it.  Is he
 suggesting that my wife has been fucking him regular?  Unfortunate.  Regardless, he wins a IDYFT T-Shirt of his choice.  Maybe you'd like one, too?  Buy it, ya punk ass bitch.

3rd place went to "Fuckin' Spread", who was
 IDYFT's own Miwacar.  So he gets our grudging respect and a hearty handshake.  And maybe a pencil or something.  Fuck him.  He works here, kind of, in theory.  

If you get the chance, please do participate in Andrew Wice's fabulous Post Season Pick' Em.  He's got weird rules.  He's got self-promoting prizes.  All the same--there are rules, and there are prizes.  Good enough for me to enter.  


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