Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now do you believe?

Please watch the clip below - the play is called "The Philly Special" probably because the Eagles are, well, special.

If you watch closely you notice that Warner is hit as he throws the ball, yet somehow his 37 year old arm still throws a perfect spiral some 60 yards in the air. How is that possible? And you, and many others have noticed the following transformation:



What the? Does she age backwards like people from Ork? Did she get into Snapes Poly-Juice potion? Holy shit! Did you see her? SHE LOOKS LIKE BLOSSOM!

From Madam Hooch to Fluer Delacour. The only logical explanation is magic. The Steelers only have a chance for this Superbowl if they can somehow use the same Voodoo powers that New Orleans used to hand Warner his only non-Belicheating play-off loss.


Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

Excellent boob, boobboobman.

Wait. Did I reboob the boobs with the boob, "boob"?

How embooberating.

Jess said...

Blossom with a tit job.

Stop the madness, Brenda!