Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Finally, a season for the record books!


The Detroit Lions didn't want the Patriots 2007 perfect regular season to be the only record of note for this decade, so they kindly stepped in and achieved the opposite. Other NFL franchises can only hope to tie this record. Be happy Lions fans - your team's place in history is secure. Here are some fantastic statistical achievements, followed by their rank in the NFL. Keep in mind there are 32 teams. 32nd is bad.

Let's start with the mighty Lions D!

Points per game: 32.3 (32nd)
Opposing QB Rating: 110.9 (32nd)
*Highest QB rating in NFL for 2008? Rivers with 105
Rushing yards per game: 172.1 (32nd)
Total yards per game: 404.4 (32nd)
Interceptions: 4 (32nd)
Touchdowns allowed: 63 (32nd)

And for the offense:

Yards per game: 268.2 (30th)
Points per game: 16.8 (27th)
Rushing yards per game: 83.2 (30th)
Passing yards per game: 185 (24th)
Team QB rating: 71.3 (29th)
Interceptions: 19 (tied for 3rd most)
Sacks: 52 (31st)
Total yards per game: 268.2 (30th)

The Lions were outscored by 249 points, for an average margin of defeat of 15.6. Oh yes, that also ranks 32nd in the league. On the upside, the performance of the Lions D was not the worst ever, I searched stats from 1970 to the present and found the 1981 Colts (2-14) edge out the Lions D by allowing 33.3 points/game and 424 yards/game. Even the 0-14 Tampa team D fared better than the 2008 Lions.

But fret not Lions fans, you have a good kicker! He only let two field goals stray, and one of them was blocked. The Lions also have a good wide receiver (5th in yards, tied 1st in scoring) - which makes sense considering the number of first round WR draft picks used in recent history. So the future is bright, it's totally easy to rebuild a team around a kicker and a wide receiver.


Andrew Wice said...

Now that's what I call a hagiography.

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...


When you write "Lions fans" you mean "My fellow Lions fans" do you not?

You haven't given up on your Motor City Kitties, have you?

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