Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Elimination Challenge is Yelling "Do You KNOW WHO I AM"

Via our friend and fellow blogger Jess (who by the by, had a shitty day today), I have learned of something that straddles the line between "GENIUS!" and "Sign of Our Society's Decline as Surely as Vomitoriums Signified the Same for the Romans."

So, I guess I can only kind of thank Jess for the news. Guess who this news could be about; I'll give you a paragraph from the AP's Jaime Aron's story:

The Hall of Fame receiver is launching a reality TV show in which 12 "football neophytes" will compete for an impressive grand prize: a spot on the Dallas Cowboys' training camp roster.

I bet you are guessing Michael Irvin, and that would be the obvious choice.  The easy answer.  And you would be so wrong.

Of course you are not wrong.  Only the Cowboys and Michael Irvin would look at the results of American Idol and decide, "This is a way to find quality."  (seriously, according to Irvin himself, "American Idol" was his inspiration.)

If they are all "neophytes" in the sense they are all either English Goalkeepers who end up being punters, or Australian Rules Football players who end up Punters/Special Teams madmen, the show will be boring but fruitful.  Expecting to find 12 James Harrisons seems, well, stupid.  I would expect no less from Michael Irvin and the Dallas Cowboys.


Jess said...

Look, it's not my fault you're the only person I know who would know what to do with such a story. Wait. Maybe it is.

I might watch this show if it included a challenge called something like, "Choosing the most outrageously tacky suit that would cause your neighborhood pimp and/or Deion Sanders to say, 'GodDAMN! That is some tacky fucking shit right there, motherfucker.'"

The Black Freighter said...

Michael Irvin, American Idol, television and a bunch of random thugs. What could go wrong?

Muumuuman said...

I only hope the Nigerian Nightmare doesn't make his appearance on this show after his weak performance on Pro vs Joe AND that stupid pirate themed survivor rip off.

Andrew Wice said...

Irvin figures that Reality TV is the best way to get back his dignity -- not to mention all the coke and hookers.