Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Note to Humira Commercial Guy

Those are the weakest skills I've seen from an adult with a basketball on TV, ever.  You look like a time-traveling caveman discovering for the very time the miraculous modern materials that allow balls to bounce.  I'm glad the Humira helped you with your skin condition (and did not give you a killing infection while at it), but that's no justification to letting them film you looking this awkward.  Stand up for yourself, time-traveling Caveman!

(look for the Luc Longley-esque skills 32 seconds in)


Jess said...

Maybe his worsening heart failure is causing his poor ball-handling skills.

Did you ever think of that, Big Blue Monkey? Huh? DID YOU?

Miwacar said...

I agree with Jess. However, I differ on the cause. I think the dude is attempting to be active (ie dribbling a basketball) whilst trying desperately not to shed skin all over the joint. It would kind of ruin the commercial's effectiveness if he did.

Its either that or he is retarded.