Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teaser for the Weekend

As you may or may not know, I, Big Blue Monkey, am a huge pop culture nerd, and it extends to the most disposable and easily mocked pop cultural touchstone available to snobs--the Comic Book. Never mind that your average comic book is 10 times more interesting than your average reality show or Hollywood movie (which may be why Hollywood is sucking the Comic Book cock of late), or that a couple of excellent comic books/Graphic Novels have been shortlisted for serious prizes. Nevermind that anyone I hand "Fables" or "Runaways" or "Scalped" to love it, and are blown away by the writing and the art. We are still nerds.

We attempted to prove that Comic Books guys can be normal sports guys. We prove it with ourself every day we write for this blog, but we aren't really a comic book guy. We don't write them; we don't do the art. We just read.

So we thought we would contact comic book guys--writers, artists, etc, and get their take on sports. You may remember, our first time around, we kinda failed. Turns out, kick-ass Kung Fu Spanish artist David Aja didn't care for Spanish soccer, or Kung Fu. We only kinda failed, because we still got a really kickass discussion going with Aja about good movies. No regrets there.

But this weekend, we will be posting an interview with a genuine Comic Book Writer, who happens to be a HUGE Sports Fan. He knows more about the Crimson Tide and the Pittsburgh Steelers than you do, I'll wager. Stay tuned.

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Lucy Rhode said...

A graphic novelist who loves the Pittsburgh Steelers -- simply divine. I'll be sending in my guess.