Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blogger Round Up: Euro Cup Edition

This place is apparently live blogging the games. Proceed at your peril. It is possible that you may read more ball jokes in 90 minutes than you would experience at a Mike Meyers film festival. On the plus side, they don't seem to know a whole lot about soccer.

Unprofessional Foul does it right--drunken half-assed updates, with T&A female representatives from the teams playing. It is what we would do, if we were drunk and half-assed all week, or were willing to brave the Google Image search for "Greek Women in underpants." We aren't that brave. Also, they are willing to work in Microsoft Paint (in some sick simulcrum of ESPN's AXIS) to demonstrate offside calls. The Lads aren't flashy, or talented, but they put in the work. They are the Tab Ramos of Soccer Websites (without a dirty Leonardo elbow to the head).

And than there is That's On Point, who are like the Marco Van Basten of blogs--talented, quick to finish, and they put in the work. That's where you go for analysis, except that Cardillo is now working for Deadspin, too. So catch as catch can. Cardillo is a damn good soccer blogger, even if he is crazy to advocate more Danny Califf starts for the US.

For the Ladies, the Ladies have offered up some Sexy European Soccer players. Enjoy, you fucking trampy bints! I found the selection of John Heitinga to be surprising. He's got tiny weird elvin ears. But then again, you weird ladies like that shit, maybe.

Sniffing the Touchline has decided that everyone else can cover the Euro, they'll cover everything else soccer. And they've done a good job with that. You've got Emmanuel Petit's new Shocking Tell-All Memoir, Scolari's new job after the Euro, and basically ask for Joey Barton to hit them in the head and pee on them (by criticizing him).

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