Sunday, June 01, 2008

New World Record in the 100 Meter

Jamaican Usain Bolt is now the fastest man in the world. I have never heard of this dude before, but clearly, the headline writers around the world will love him. So far, they have been passing on the potential near pun of Usain/Insane. Disappointing.

Bolt considers himself more of a 200 meter runner, and until today, apparently, he wasn't even planning on competing in the 100 meter in China this summer. He's too tall and lanky to run 100 meters fast, or so the conventional wisdom goes. But even if you are 6' 5", if you break the world record in something, and dust American hopeful Tyson Gay by .13 seconds, you have to run the race, yeah?

The 100 meter record seems to be falling a lot lately. Asafa Powell held the previous record, and it isn't like he's been long gone from the sport. I'd expect to see him at the Olympics. But Jiminy Christmas, 9.72 seconds is really fucking fast.


Hops said...

Damn. I don't even think I can run 50 meters that fast.

Miwacar said...

I love that the dude's name is Bolt. It is the track equivalent of Mack Strong. I ran a 10.6 in high school, which was quite fast, so 9.72 (almost a full second faster) is unbelievable. The Jamaicans are now the sprinting power to beat.