Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA Finals: Music To My Ears

Kaching! The NBA is climbing atop the pile of its own dirty laundry, showcasing a return of the greatest rivalry in pro basketball. But if they can "somehow" find a way to stretch this series to seven games, that one extra game will be a bigger payoff than all of the previous Lakers-Celtics series combined. The thing is, there's some damn fine basketball going on, individually. I think I am finally ready to drop my hatred of Paul Pierce since he's dropped his bitchness and is playing with the belly fire. And you know Kevin Mchale is gleeful that his "trade" of Garnett is paying off so well for his real employers.

In other music news, there's someone coming to Minneapolis that you must see. His name is Konrad but he performs a one-man armada called "Possessed by Paul James." Paul James was his grandfather, a six-fingered Mennonite. The gig is on July 19 at 10:00 pm at the Triple Rock Social Club. You may be loathe to believe me, so you should go to his site and check his music out for yourself. But you got to see this man live, scout's honor. If you get a minute with him, tell him Andrew from the Mineshaft in Madrid sent you.

Next: thank lord almighty, all the other sports will fade away. The NFL season starts in August. Professor Badcock is wrenching on his most turbo-nuclear prognosticator yet, and all you squares will be invited to the party.


Muumuuman said...

Konrads Robert Crumb-esk disproportionate leg and foot size frighten me. I am unable to attend his show.

Jess said...

I don't know, man. I'm already going to Fleet Foxes at the Entry the following night. That might be too much music.

Lucy Rhode said...

Oh how I miss football season. Everything is better during football season. Glad to know you didn't abandon these lads, Mr. Wice.

Konrad intrigues me. If I'm in Saint Paul that week, I may go see your buddy play. Why not? Thanks for the FYI.