Saturday, June 21, 2008

ESPN Toggles The NBA Draft Coverage

Stephen A Smith will no longer be yelling the front desk.

I'm oddly disappointed by this news, though I'm thrilled that Jeff Van Gundy will be there at the main desk. His work throughout the NBA playoffs was spectacular. Funny, insightful, opinionated, and oft venturing into weird tangents that made even the down moments of a game entertaining.

My personal favorite (I paraphrase): "I got my haircut today, and they charged full price, but look at my head--it is half the work! I mean, c'mon, why do I gotta pay the same amount as someone who has a full head of hair?"

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Jess said...

I do not understand how anyone could be disappointed by less Stephen A. Smith.

He is very high up on my list of People I'd Like to Punch in the Nuts. Oddly enough, though, Scott Van Pelt's Stephen A. impression makes me a little misty *down there*.