Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nike is of Two Minds on This Soccer Thing

And they may not be wrong. According to Nike, if you are a skilled Dutch player, you get to progress, with some bumps and bruises, to star level, and yes, you will be kissed by hot chicks, and Ronaldo (spot the difference there). You will have fun, you will succeed, and you will be badass!

However, if you are American--prepare to play in snow, to struggle, to fail. And yet, because of the glory of the mission, it will all be worthwhile. According to Nike, European Football is all Tarantino and shit, and American soccer/football, well, it is akin to being in a dour French film, like Bresson's "Diary of Country Priest."

So, according to Nike--European soccer--non stop thrill ride. American soccer, a existentialist grind that makes heroes out of anyone who struggles, even if they don't succeed.

That sounds about right, actually.

(thanks Beautiful Game for the heads up)

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