Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Russia In, Sweden Out

And deservedly so. Russia was by far the dominant team, and the more fun team to watch. Quick, bracing play, with 4 straight one-touch passes setting up their first goal, and a beautiful counter-attack to nab the second. It could have been much worse for Sweden, who saw woodwork hit, and a few shots skitter by out of reach, but off frame.

Tomorrow the quarterfinals begin with a bang, with Portugal against Germany. Both teams looked a little ragged a few moments in their groups, but I think overall quality coming in has to go to Portugal. Also, they have the most dangerous player in the world in Ronaldo. I see no reason to buck conventional wisdom, barring something bad happening to Ronaldo.

I'll take Portugal 2-1. I'm guessing at least one goal comes from one mazy run through the center Germany's defense.

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Muumuuman said...

Ohhh 2-1 - should have asked the girls the score.... I see you side with Makayla - we'll see - I'm with Fiona on this one.