Saturday, June 07, 2008

Euro Cup Day 1

Before we get to the the actual games, can we all agree that Paulo Maldini is right to sign up for another year? He was only one of the most dangerous players that AC Milan had in the backfield. Maldini for 20 minutes a game is better than no Maldini at all. Viva Maldini!

First game of the day--The Czech Republic vs. Switzerland. If you read Cardillo's summary, you might think that the Czech Republic is depleted and is primed to lose. You wouldn't be wrong, if you believed that soccer was all about the offense. Yes, the Czechs will be without the retired Nedved, or the injured Rosicky, both of whom would have helped make the offense go. They are stuck with some stand-bys on offense. But that defense! Peter Cech in goal, Ujfalusi, Rozenhal, Jankulovski, Grygera? That may be the finest back four outside of Italy. Switzerland has some threats, especially Giant Man Frei, but I still see The Czechs winning this game.

Prediction 1-0, Czechs beat the Swiss.

Second Game of the Day: Portugal vs. Turkey. Turkey is better than anyone gives them credit for, and Portugal isn't as awesome as everyone thinks they are. I'm calling an upset here. Turkey wins 2-1. It will be a shocking upset, except for the fact that I've called it.


The Beautiful Game said...

1 outta 2 ain't bad -- especially with the score nailed

Big Blue Monkey said...

Thank you, sir. As I say in my wrap-up post, I feel like I was pretty close to be right on the second game, but equally close to being horribly, horribly wrong.

It could have easily 1-1, or 5-0 Portugal.