Thursday, June 05, 2008

New rule for NFL steroid dealers - don't ask don't tell

David Jacobs and I assume his lady friend, Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, were found shot dead in their home last Thursday. David Jacobs is a recently convicted steroid dealer (May 1st) who had given names to the NFL concerning his clients on May 21st. Congrats Bud Selig, looks like the heat is off MLB - at least confessed MLB steroid dealers don't wind up dead.

UPDATE: Police have stated they suspect Jacobs killed his on-again off-again girl friend then shot himself. Twice. In the abdomen and in the head. Shot himself twice? Hmmm.... Where did this happen - Oh, Texas. Who did he sell steroids to? Ohhh Cowboys. Obviously I haven't seen the evidence but I think shooting yourself twice with a .40 caliber glock (.40 caliber is a big bullet) would be quite difficult, and if you're gonna kill yourself why shoot yourself in the gut first? Also, you'd think somebody would have heard something in a residential area (girlfirend shot "several times"), but I'm no detective.


Big Blue Monkey said...

as an unofficial spokesperson for Bill Romanowski, I'd like to say that that man had a lot of enemies outside of football, it was suicide, and it was like that when I got there.

Lucy Rhode said...

First the D.C. Madam and now this.