Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogger Round-Up: Wasteland of Sports Edition

We hate this time of year. Baseball is losing our interest, as the Twins fall further and further back. Pre-Season football is nice and all, but it's not really football. I saw Brooks Bollinger throwing a pass in Prime Time tonight. QED, bitches. Fellow Blog Rumors and Rants knows what I'm talkin' about.

No basketball to speak of, aside from the Celtics signing James Posey. Soccer is just getting warmed up. Macalester Soccer starts later on this week, and we'll be there, ready to root against the hated Duluthian bitchcaked Saints of St. Scholastica. Anticipation a plenty, sure, but in terms of shit to talk about, we're fresh out.

Hey, speaking of other blogs, and Macalester. one of our more famous recent alumni, Dave Zirin, got interviewed by Deadspin. We rarely link to Deadspin, because it feels rather like Adam breathing life into God (only less hyperbolic than that). But, fuck it, a Fightin' Scot who is now considered the preeminent lefty writer on sports got some national blog-attention. Read it! Andrew would at this point like to remind everyone that he saw Zirin pull a chicken leg out of his pants pocket in the middle of a class and go to town on it.

We'd like to point out that if heavy irony and oddly juxtaposed photos counted as journalism, we might be considered preeminent lefty writers on sports, too. Apparently, people expect you to write intelligently. Which seems unfair, considering the "talent" that gets published in my local paper.

Perennial blog-crush This Suit Is Not Black has discovered that David Beckham is not what you would call "book smart". What TSINB doesn't know is that Beckham is chock full of street smarts. She may be suffering from what I call (just coined) American Soccer Expectation disease. Because soccer is generally an overwhelmingly white and middle-to-upper class sport in America, the assumption could be that is true in the rest of world. Beckham comes from working class parents, and signed his first soccer contract when he was 14. He is Miss Teen South Carolina, with a more girly voice, and a talent that is actually worth something. Of course he isn't particularly bright--since he was 12 he was told his future lay in soccer.

Sports Coach Potato is reporting that the Jacksonville Jaguars may have their first home game of the season blacked out in local markets. That was happening to the Vikings when I first made Minnesota my home, and as a Washington Incredibly Offensive Nickname fan, I couldn't understand it. In DC, sons sue mothers over season tickets. In Minnesota, no one was going to the game. And now it is happening in Jacksonville. All the more shocking--Jacksonville isn't putting a really, really crap product out on the field. Do they know something about Maurice Jones-Drew that we don't?

It feels like every time we link to Leave the Man Alone we do so for multiple reasons. Well that stops right now, or at least right after this post. The Head Chick at Leave the Man Alone is a lawyer, and yet we still like her. We have a lawyer on our roster here at IDYFT, but the difference is that The Head Chick knows what she is talking about. Her take on the job the US Attorneys did on handling Vick is therefore worth reading. Keep in mind that she is a huge Falcons fan--she praises the prosecuting attorneys for not making themselves part of the story. Leave the Man Alone also covers the completely uncovered story of Althea Gibson finally getting her due at Flushing Meadow.

Evil Ladies.... have the news about an awful somewhat sports related reality program.

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Andrew Wice said...

Whoa, hold on there big shooter.

I never wrote, said or implied that I personally saw Dave Zirin (whose excellent books on sports & politics I own and pimp like Mr. Whitefolks) perform the chicken-leg act.

That is an anecdote told by a friend of ours from THOTM, who I will identify as the one who rhymes with Barley Base. It is his story, not mine, and though he swears by it, I still don't want to be identified as the author of the tale. You ass.