Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogger Round Up: Soccer Edition

The NFL is about to take over the American sports world, and probably this blog, too. So before that happens, let's celebrate what's going in some true Football Blogs, yeah?

Over at the City Pages, Paul Demko is evaluating the Minnesota Thunder's recent road trip. For Minnesotans, there is a "Hey, Watch Soccer, get some free beer" offer on the table, too.

Sniffing the Touchline evaluates some of the recent talent/hotness to rush into ugly urban jungle that is Manchester. We've got our hearts set on Nani. We think him dreamy, and nasty on the ball. Also, our fantasy Premiership team is counting on him.

Over at super-cute crush blog You'll Never Blog Alone, Amanda has some issues with American soccer broadcaster who can't pronounce weird foreign names. Which seems somewhat unfair, but then again, one of those hard to pronounce foreigner names was an American. "FILE-habber" That simple, stupid ESPN people. Amanda also reported that TV people managed to mispronounce "Ballack", which I find hard to believe.

That's On Point has some thoughts on Brazilian Denilson getting signed by Dallas. As That's On Point points out, he could be their Beckham, and he's 2 years younger. Of course, this is Dallas' one big signing, because of the way the MLS worked the Beckham Rule. The rule is still stupid, as LA used their "Beckham Exemption" to get David Beckham, and Dallas used theirs to get a Brazilian who was playing in Saudi Arabia last year. Too bad they couldn't spend that money getting young and fast.

Via the Beautiful Game, we saw this post from For The Love of Sports, wherein the Arsenal play the Crossbar challenge. I mention this because this is one of the few skill-related challenges that I excelled at. I can hit post like you dream about. I'm no Josh Timberlake, mind you, but I can hit posts.

Here's the Video.

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