Monday, November 08, 2010

Vikings Fans: This is Why They (OK, I) Think You Are Dumb

Yesterday, the Vikings barely squeaked by a struggling Arizona Cardinals team. It was an impressive comeback,  considering they were down 14 with less than five minutes left.  But they were down 14 at home to the Cardinals, with less than five minutes left.  

That's not good football, and no one would argue that it was, or that the Vikings have righted their ship, considering the three teams they have beaten this year all have 2 things in common:  they came in to play as sub-.500 teams, and they were playing in the Metrodome.  Consider this:  The Vikings haven't won on the road at all this year (since November, 2009, actually) and have not beaten a team that was .500 or better.  In fact, the combined records of the teams they have beaten (Detroit, Dallas, and Arizona) is now 6-18.  No sane fan of a franchise would conclude that beating those three team (two very close games, BTW) at home makes up anything approaching a Playoff Contender resume.  And yet....respected Pioneer Press columnist Tom Powers says this:  

Seriously.  Beat someone good at home.  Or beat ANYONE on the road.  Get to .500.  Get to better than 3rd place in your division.  And then you can maybe renew playoff talk, OK?  This reaction, now?  It's why the rest of the country makes fun of you all.

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Andrew Wice said...

Jeez Big BM, don't you care about the Favre magic anymore?