Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vikings at Minnesota

A depleted yet resilient tribe is invaded by a leaderless warband ... add Darryl Hannah and a cave bear and we would have something. In a game unlikely to be enjoyed by any but the most diehardish of fans, the Vikings visit DC this Sunday.

With experts picking the Skins over the flaming Vikings free fall, I'm more nervous about this game than I was the Titans. On paper the Vikings are still a good team, and the traditional new-coach-burst is a worry. True, Minnesota has been playing like absolute garbage. But DC hasn't exactly been good.

Notable is the lack of derision from either demoralized camp. Well I might as well attempt something. The Vikings will be played by Darryl Hannah ...

Washington's D will pound Favre into mistakes, AP will get bottled up and fumble. The DC offense will show some edge and the line makes another step forward. Washington 27, Vikings 17.
Any takers?


Andrew Wice said...

Well hush my mouth. Now that I've checked, every sportsjack in the land is picking the Vikings to win.

I feel much, much better about the game now.

DC Wins!

Miwacar said...

Seeing as we have lost 9 straight road games, the math is in the Vikings favor, not to mention Washington's 28th rated pass defense. I think Leslie will get his first win as the HC. Keiland Williams will break a leg and Gross Rexman will be forced to relive is days in the Black and Blue after Donovan, past full from Thanksgiving, pukes up his spleen during the first half 2 minute drill. Vikings 31 Foreskins 24

Andrew Wice said...

Now that's more like it.

I submit, losing 9 straight road games doesn't put the math in the Vikings' favor. This isn't a roll of the dice, a statistical anomaly: the Vikings are a bad road team.

With every sportsjack picking the Vikes, I feel very confident that D. Hall picks off Favre twice.