Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IDYFT NFL Pick'em: Week Eleven

The Son-of-a-Bum bonus question totally bit me on the ass. Who knew that DC would be the biggest suck loser in the NFC? Thankfully it was none of you, because I would be experiencing an insult-to-injury situation like getting a handjob in a leper colony.

Thursday Night Football is back to screw up everyone's picks. I will continue making an effort to get this done as soon as possible to allow you, the participants, a chance to get your picks in before Thursday. You can post your picks right up until gametime on Sunday, but don't cheat with that Thursday result. I won't pick any Thursday games as the "Clash" if I can help it.

Not much scoring at all this week. Thank the Giants for stepping in a Texas-sized puddle of poo. Not only did their lack of effort destroy our picks this week, they allowed the Cowbutts to believe they are actually a football team.

1. Jess: 33 pts (+3)
2. Ryan: 31 pts
3. Adw: 27 pts
4. Leftnut: 24 pts (+3)
5. Big BM: 21 pts (+1)
6. MuMan: 19 pts
7. Greg A: 16 pts
8. Miwacar: 13 pts
9. Josh: 7 pts

Week Eleven
1. Your Big Shoe-In? (+2/-4)

2. Your Little Shoe-In? (+1/-2)

3. Surprise! This week's underdog list: (+3)
Seattle, Denver, Carolina

4. Your Favorite Team Wins/Most Disliked Team Loses? (+1)

5. Clash of the Titans: (+/-2): Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

Bonus Questions +2
6. Which game will have the highest combined score?
7. Which game will be the closest?
8. Blowout: which team will win by the largest margin?


Andrew Wice said...

1. Saints
2. Chiefs
3. Denver surprise omelet
4. DC bounceback win
5. Patriots (sorry they're on the Clash two weeks in a row, blame TNF)
6. highest: Giants/Eagles
7. closest: Miami/Chicago
8. blowout: Saints over fudge

Leftnut said...

1. Baltimore
2. New Orleans
3. Denver
4. Pittsburg to lose
5. New England
6. New Orleans/Seattle
7. San Francisco/Tampa Bay
8. San Diego

Muumuuman said...

1. Saints
2. Green Bay
3. Denver
4. Detroit win AND Dallas lose! do I get double if it happens?
5. Patriots
6. Jack/Browns
7. Bears/Dolphins
8. Kansas City

Josh said...

Packers Lose
New England
Baltimore v Carolina
San Fran v Tampa Bay

Miwacar said...

Vikes win (#4 bitches!)
New Orleans

Jess said...

1. Baltimore
2. Pittsburgh
3. Denver
4. Saints win
5. Colts
6. San Diego-Denver
7. Jets-Texans
8. Baltimore

Barnyard said...

Packers win and Vikings lose. I'd like two points for this please.
The mighty, mighty Packers.

Ryan said...

1) Kansas City
2) San Diego
3) Carolina
4+5) Now see here is the problem... My favorite team is the Colts, my least is the Patriots, but there is no way the Colts can win this game. So, I am picking the Colts to win, but also the Colts to lose. Does that make sense? I will leave it in the hands of ye arbters of cruel, vengeful justice
6) Jacksonville/Cleveland
7) Tampa/San Francisco
8) New Orleans

Andrew Wice said...

Ryan, it isn't fair to say that the Colts can't win on Sunday. That's why they play the games, right? Especially this bizarro season.

Ryan said...

I will be extraordinarily pleasantly surprised should they win, however I should be able to soldier on if they don't. How does that sound?

Andrew Wice said...

It sounds like the last eleven years of being a Skins fan.