Monday, November 08, 2010

Jerry Jones Deprives Nation

Half a week ago, Dallas Cowboys owner/crypt keeper issued a statement in support of coach Philips as unequivocal as "Read my lips: no new taxes." Just like GB, Jerry Jones flipped immediately.

After the 45-7 humiliation at the hands of the Packers, Jones fired Philips and replaced him with longtime heir apparent Jason Garrett. Be careful what you wish for, Cowboys' fans: anyone peremptorily labeled a "genius" is bound to fail. For example, Stephen Hawking is a surprisingly poor swimmer.

Taking over the defense will be the D-line coach. While these moves may temporarily inspire something in the Cowboys, the real tragedy is that we the people will be deprived of watching Philips on the sidelines. Hilarious, shameful and well-deserved. Suck on it, Cowboys!

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