Friday, October 01, 2010

The Noble Savage

Didn't you have to write a report about the "Noble Savage" in middle school English class? Maybe while defining naturalism vs. realism? Good, then we're all up to speed. I want to remind everyone that there's no room for nuance this Sunday: it's McNabb vs. Vick.

You remember Michael Vick. After the herpes and the bottle o' weed and middle fingers and me entertainingly defending him with vigor here, here and here, he went away for a little while. Because he's into this:

So in terms of football strategy, the pregame questions of can Washington's line protect McNabb and open up the run game, and can the porous defense regain its tenacity, run up against the brick wall of ethics.

And that Michael Vick, he's a dog of a different color. Ethics-wise.

Fucking Hail to DC Skins!

I let this slide a week, but might as well update it now.

1. Chicago Bears: +2
2. Minnesota Vikings: +1
3. DC Skins: 0
4. Green Bay Packers: -1
5. Detroit Depends: -2

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Andrew Wice said...

Ethics Served, Bitch!

Have fun trying to breathe for the next month, dog killer.