Monday, October 04, 2010

Finally, An End of the Stupidity

I've long wondered why Jared Allen's stupid ass sack dance didn't violate the rule the NFL established about celebrating with a knee to the ground (with exceptions for prayers).  Apparently, it does, and the NFL finally noticed.

So sadly, I guess last year's NFC Championship was the end of Tracy Porter's honoring of that celebration as well.


Andrew Wice said...

Now if someone can tell me why putting one's knee down is too much celebrating, I'll be satisfied.

Meanwhile, I can never forget Jared Allen celebrating a sack while his 3-13 Chiefs team lost their last game of the season. He can rush the passer, but what a pile of shit he is. I'd rather have Haynesworth.

Muumuuman said...

Allowing one to put their knee down could lead to celebratory break dancing. That's going too far, Ozone.