Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sports Illustrated Ain't Being Honest With Their NBA Previews, pt 1

Sports Illustrated's NBA Preview is a fun read, and exciting as it also includes some NCAA Basketball preview shit, which is awesome.  For "fun" they include a Best Case and Worst Case Scenario for each NBA team.  Some best cases are pretty spot-on, and make sense, and all that good stuff.  Others seem less "best case" and more "what a delusional fan believes".  It leaves a reader wondering if they are trying to be funny, or what.

Case #1:  Denver Nuggets

"Carmelo Anthony wakes one morning in early winter, sees the snow-capped Rockies set against a clear blue sky and decides to sign a long-term deal.  Then he carries the Nuggets back to the conference finals."

Everyone in the NBA knows that this is simply not happening.  Anthony might lead the Nuggets to a playoff berth, but there is no way in hell he's signing a long term deal.  That horse ambled out of the wide-open barn door a couple of years ago.  And now that LeBron, Wade and Bosh have made it hip to not get all hung up being "The Guy", but instead assembling a kick-ass team, the very unlikely scenario of Carmelo staying in Denver became impossible to imagine.  Except by SI writers.  

When crafting best case Scenarios, SI, try to keep them in the realm of reality.  No one anywhere thinks that Carmelo is going to re-up with the Nuggets, beautiful skyline (overrated) or no.

Not the only overreach SI commits in their preview.  I'll hit others later.

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