Monday, October 04, 2010

IDYFT NFL Pick'em: Week Five

Well, I'm just getting my ass kicked by all you dilettantes. I clawed back and scored ... zero points again this week.

The reason for my losing is the Big Shoe I keep putting on, without tapping it out first. Once upon a time, I thought it was an old wives' tale about knocking the bugs out of your shoes before putting them on, living out here in the desert. But a few years back I knocked a healthy house spider out of my boot, with my toes upraised and ready. Since then, I've laced up both work boots and basketball shoes and made it a fair distance before conceding, yeah, that isn't just a bunched sock a-wiggling in my arch. Big Cool Freaky Beetles!

We're one quarter into the season and there's some right competition at the top. Down at the bottom, I remind all contestants -- and myself especially -- that the Big Shoe pick is the most important pick every week. Blow it, as I have done every week, and you're just the cramped bug suffocating under some heavy toes.

1. MuMuMan: 15 pts (+5)
2. Ryan: 14 pts (+5)
3. Jess: 13 pts (+6)
4. Greg A: 8 pts (+2)
Big BM: 8 pts
5. Miwacar: 6 pts
Leftnut: 6 pts* (+5)
6. Garwood: 4 pts
7. Barnyard: 3 pts (+2)
8. Adw: 2 pts
9. Josh: 0 pts

Week Five
1. Your Big Shoe-In? (+2/-4)

2. Your Little Shoe-In? (+1/-2)

3. Surprise! This week's (oddly, barely by a TD) underdog list: (+3)
Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders, Cardinals

4. Your Favorite Team Wins/Most Disliked Team Loses? (+1)

5. Clash of The Offensive Titans (+/-2):
Mean Gay Fudge Packers** vs. Washington Racist Iconographs

Bonus Questions +2
Blowout Bonus: which game will have the largest point differential?
Loser Bonus: which of the remaining winless teams (49ers, Lions, Panthers, Bills) will be the last to record a win?

* Leftnut has consistently (and bravely) picked against Pittsburgh as his most disliked team. That Houston is Leftnut's favorite team is now established (as of last week's picks). Or, Leftnut, sacrifice one point and finally tell us who your favorite team
really is.

** The Green Bay Packers were named for the Indian Packing Company, their first sponsor. They packed "meat" for the U.S. effort in the First World War. They shut down operations before Upton "The Jungle" Sinclair was able to prove that they were actually canning Native American flesh. Hollywood took the story and ran with it, resulting in "Soylent Green."


Andrew Wice said...

That being said, this is a tough week to pick.

1. ATL
2. Jets
3. Chiefs surprise
4. Dallas LOSE
5. DC Skins Wins! Get used to it, humpface!
6. Saints/Cards
7. Buffaloafers

Muumuuman said...

Big Shoe: New Orleans
Little Shoe: San Diego
Surprise: Donkeys
Fav: Detroit Wins!
Titans: Green Bay
Blowout: Saints
Biggest Loser: Carolina, no Steve Smith

Ryan said...

1: Big Shoe: Indy
2: Little Shoe: Dallas
3: Surprise! Oakland
4: Fav: Indy win-dy
5: Clash: Green Bay
6: Blowout: Cincy/TB
7: Loser! I sincerely believe all could win this week. That said... Carolina.

Leftnut said...

This year I am picking Houston as my favorite. Every year I pick a new one. Kind of like adopting a mutt from the humane society. Frankly, I have no problem with sticking with Pittburg to lose. It is worth the -1 to root against them. Of course the luckiest team is on a bye, so this week I will stick with Houston to win.

1. New Orleans
2. Baltimore
3. Oakland
4. Houston to win
5. Green Bay
6. Dallas/Tennessee
7. Panthers

Andrew Wice said...

Leftnut, I support your pick of Houston.

The good news is, the IDYFT pick is worth +1, but a wrong pick won't cost you anything.

Barnyard said...

1. Indy
2. Atlanta
3. Cardinals
4. Green Bay wins. Get used to it, bitches.
5. Green Bay wins. Get used to it, bitches (in this case, ADW and BBM).
6. Indy/KC
7. Panthers

Josh said...

New Orleans
MN Wins
Green Bay
New Orleans V Arizona

Greg Allbright said...

1. Ravens
2. Cowboys
3. Raiders
4. Washington loses
5. Packers
6. Bengals/Bucs
7. Panthers

Miwacar said...

1. Ravens
2. New Orleans
3. Chiefs
4. Vikes
5. Packers (barely and ugly)
6. NO v. AZ
7. Lions

Jess said...

1. New Orleans
2. Atlanta
3. Broncos
4. Saints win.
5. Packers
6. New Orleans/Arizona
7. Bills

Big Blue Monkey 2: The Quickening said...

1. New Orleans
2. Balmer, MD
3. Chiefs?
4. Dallas loses
5. Packers win
6. Chicago Carolina
7. Bills