Thursday, October 21, 2010

ProFootballTalk Doesn't Like the NFLPA Looking After Union Members

To quote Mike Florio on the NFLPA's petition (which again, is nothing more than asking that fans support the status quo):  "Frankly, we don't recommend that anyone sign it in its current form, given that it is unfairly slanted toward the NFLPA's perspective.  If/when the league or the union unveil a petition aimed not at pressuring one side or the other but at both sides to get a fair deal done."

Who's this "we", Kemosabe?

Let's be clear on how Mike Florio thinks.  The Owners are trying to take One Billion Dollars out of the salary pool for players.  The players are against this (understandable).  The players ask that fans support the men who are risking (literally) life and limb.  Florio calls that "unfairly slanted."  Florio is waiting for a time in which both sides agree to a petition that everyone can sign.  Because that's how struggles between labor and ownership work.  

Is it still considered impolite to call something "retarded?"  Because that's fucking retarded.  If they have a petition that both sides agree to, than they have, by definition, an agreement.  No petition needed.  

"Hey, I'm here from Sharks Unlimited, and my friend here is from Chum Unlimited, and we have a petition we'd like you to sign stating that you like Oceans."  

Um, Mike Florio, the NFLPA isn't CNN.  They are allowed to be slanted in their perspective, and it isn't "unfair" to do so.  The NFLPA is "unfairly slanted" towards worker's rights in the same way that the AFL-CIO is.  I don't understand why Mike Florio thinks that it is the Union's job to help explain to fans why the Owners are right to take a billion dollars away from the workers.   That's the Owner's job.  And they can't do it, because they are a bunch of assholes sitting on their asses, collecting checks, wincing at big hits on the TV, because they know every big hit that goes out on the TV means another week they can't claim that the violence of the sport is overstated.

So, to be clear, in Mike Florio's mind--asking that the NFL go back to the agreement that the league blossomed under in a ridiculous way, way back in 2008 and 2009, is akin to supporting the players in a ridiculously unfair way. I look upon those halcyon years of last year and the year before, and think, "that sounds good to me."  Sign that petition.  Seriously.  SIGN THAT PETITION.


Andrew Wice said...

History books are unfairly slanted towards Nazi Germany, too.

Andrew Wice said...

Also, my toilet thinks that our relationship is unfairly slanted.