Friday, April 23, 2010

Usain Bolt Doesn't Pick Argentina, But Will Root For Them

The man whose speed has made my calculator do more work than any sprinter since Michael Johnson happens to love soccer.

And Usain may be rooting for Argentina, but he doesn't love their chances, and who can blame him for that?  It is a team that is crazy-chock-loaded with talent but they barely made the tournament, and their problem is probably a coach whose name starts with a "M" and ends with an "aradona".

Bolt is rooting for Argentina, and but expects either Brazil or Spain to win.  And there, he shows his youth.  We all know that the more talented and favored Spain is, the more likely they are to crash out.  That's part of the fun with Spain.

Have we mentioned how geeked up we are for this World Cup?  We totally are.

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