Saturday, April 03, 2010

Our Reader Knows His Stuff

Here's commenter Trot Nixon's Hat repudiating my predictions--and you know what--he was exactly right.  Kudos, TNH!

"Butler - Quick to the ball, offense isn't concentrated in too few hands. They can survive off games from their top players. MSU? This is the kind of game where the loss of Kalin Lucas will show up, big time.

Duke - This is a big if, but I think they're due for it, since it hasn't happened yet - the Big 3 actually are the Big 3 for them. WVU has the better athletes, but they can't score enough points if the Big 3 are hitting.

The more worrisome factors in this game for WVU? The Plumlees and Zoubek. WVU doen't field a player over 6'9". They are going to get beat up on the interior. If Duke rebounds like they did against Baylor, WVU just won't be able to hang."

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Trot Nixon's Hat said...

Heh, I do love me some college hoops.

It's a good thing I didn't say a word on the title game... that could've gotten ugly!