Monday, October 19, 2009

Target Field Will Be Playable Before It's Playable

interesting (especially for us nerds) article from Kotaku about the work a new stadium means for the developers of MLB The Show.

Here a snip:
"A new stadium takes up roughly 60 megabytes of space on a game disc, but building one takes nearly four months of work, according to Shawn Robles, the lead environment artist, and Jody Kelsey, the senior producer, for Sony's MLB The Show franchise. Their studio began preparing for an in-game version of Target Field as soon as they knew it was being built - ground was broken in August 2007 - but the bulk of their construction will come in this game's development cycle, as construction on the stadium nears completion. Only, MLB 10 The Show must arrive in March, more than a month before the first pitch is thrown in real-life Minneapolis."

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The Black Freighter said...

I love that you'll still be able to play in the Metrodome as a "classic stadium" venue. You better believe when it comes to playoff time in MLB: The Show, I'll be playing a few games in the Dome to scare the crap out of my opponents!