Monday, October 19, 2009

Confirmed: Ratboy Says 'No Freaking Way'

A source from the DC Skins has confirmed that Mike Shanahan has refused the head coaching job, citing the difficulty of taking over a team mid-season. Particularly a team with such a be-fudged offensive line.

Whether Shanhan would consider the job after the season remains a possibility. His "genius" status is tainted by Denver's current success, but he's a crafty rat and has consistently put a strong team on the field throughout his long career. But would he jeopardize his mental health, with little hope for success, just for a big payday from Snyder?

Prospective employees of the DC Skins should long and hard at the organization and question the wisdom & commitment thereof. Consider whether ownership seems willing to help or hinder. I predict that only a very hungry or very desperate coach would be willing to work for Dan Snyder.

In the meantime, Coach Zorn won't be calling plays: that honor has been bestowed on "Extra Pair of Eyes" Sherm Lewis.

French Kiss of Death? Bingo!

Dan Snyder is like a man frantically digging for clams at high tide.

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