Monday, October 05, 2009

Gay Rights Spokesmen--From the NFL?

Fantastic, and more than a little surprising article from our buddy Dave Zirin.

Writing for The Nation, Zirin asks the question "Can the NFL Tackle Homophobia?"

He finds a couple of active players willing to talk about the importance of fighting homophobia, which is, again, awfully surprising, and good news.

Tip your hats to Brendan Ayanbadejo and Scott Fujita. They are both articulate and forceful in their reasoning, but something about Fujita's quote really grabbed me:

"I wish they would realize that it's not a religion issue. It's not a government issue. It's not even a gay/straight issue or a question of your manhood. It's a human issue. And until more people see that, we're stuck arguing with people who don't have an argument."

Go read the whole thing.

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